Current Solid Waste Newsletter

Rates and Information

On July 1, 2023 the Township entered into an eight-year contract agreement with Priority Waste. The contract agreement provides residents with a proven and reliable comprehensive solid waste program that includes collection, recycling, composting and disposal of solid waste.

Residents benefit from a full range of solid waste services, including regular trash collection, yard waste collection, large item collection, medical sharps collection, curbside recycling, and hazardous waste disposal.

Any questions about these services should be directed to Priority Waste at 855-927-8365 or 855-WASTE-65. Payments should be sent to the address below or you can pay online.
If you have questions, please contact Priority Waste directly at 855-927-8365.
Below is the Priority Waste pricing for Bloomfield Township residents. Township residents have the option of paying a one-time annual rate or receiving quarterly billings.
Annual Payment Incentive: If resident elects to pay annually, they will receive the one month free discount. Please reference the chart for annual discount payment amounts. Payment must be received by June 30th to be eligible for free month discount.

Service Type Monthly Rate Quarterly Rate Discounted Annual Rate
Curbside 18.49 55.47 203.39
Senior- Curbside 17.93 53.80 197.28
Detached Condo 17.76 53.30 195.43
Senior- Detached Condo 17.23 51.70 189.57
Attached Condo 15.91 47.74 175.04
Senior- Attached Condo 15.43 46.30 169.79
Doorside 35.21 105.64 387.34
Senior- Doorside 34.15 102.47 375.72
Priority Waste
855-927-8365 or 855-WASTE-65
E-mail correspondence to:
Mail your payment to:
Priority Waste
45000 River Ridge Dr., Suite 200
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Financial Assistance Program

Bloomfield Township has streamlined the process and application form for those residents seeking hardship exemption for property taxes, waiver of solid waste, and Minor Home Repair Community Block Grants. Residents facing financial hardship can now use one form to apply for any or all of the above. The Assessor's Office will administer this program.

PDF Icon Bloomfield Township Financial Assistance Program