We have made available a few Police Department forms for your convenience. 

Extra Eyes Camera Registration 

The Extra Eyes program that allows residents and businesses to register their video surveillance systems will help the Police Department locate possible video evidence after a crime has been committed. Download and fill out the  Extra Eyes Registration Form to register your surveillance system. 

Alarm Systems

Bloomfield Township ordinance requires that every alarm system be registered. Read the alarm ordinance and complete the form.
Complete the application online, save and email to the Police Department.
Print the application to register your alarm system.
Alarm Systems Code and Ordinance

Vacation Notification

Whether you’re heading for warmer weather down south or a vacation up north, before you leave please let us know when you’ll be departing and returning. Download and fill out the Vacation Notification Form and submit it via email to the Community Relations Officer. Officers will periodically check the exterior of our residence while you are away. You may also call the Police Department at 248-433-7755 to submit a Vacation Notification.

FOIA Requests

As statutorily mandated, requests for information from the Police Department made under the Freedom of Information Act must be made in writing. Individuals may submit a request for public records using our online portal.  Users can track their request from start to finish through the process. If a user creates an account, they will gain additional advantages such as access to their history of requests and responses, including documents provided.

Alternatively, individuals who submit a written FOIA Request (via mail or email) will receive a response within five business days from the date of receipt of the request. Processing fees will apply to written FOIA Requests. 

Sex Offender Registration

The Sex Offender Registry is available for public viewing and inspection at the Police Department during regular business hours. The Registry will list all sex offenders required to register and who live within the jurisdiction of Bloomfield Township.

Sex Offender Registration Act
Online Public Sex Offender Registry Inquiry