Special Assessment Districts(SAD) Policy
Effective 09/28/2022
Public water mains and sanitary sewers are typically extended to serve established neighborhoods by means of the special assessment process. Residential subdivision road repaving also can be done through the special assessment process.  The creation of a special assessment district (SAD) is completed in accordance with Public Act 188 of 1954. 
In a SAD, the property owners benefiting from the water main extension, sewer extension, or road paving project pay for the entire cost of the project through an assessment.
Public roads in residential subdivisions are owned by the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC). Paving improvements in subdivisions are commonly done through the RCOC using the Special Assessment process. Another option is for Bloomfield Township residents to request the Township to create a Special Assessment District, under Public Act 188 of 1954, for paving subdivision roads. Through an agreement with the RCOC, the Township can create a Special Assessment District to pay for the road improvements.

The complete policy can be found in this document. Click here

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