Protect Our Waters While Fertilizing!

Arial View of LakesThe Township’s lakes, streams, wetlands, drains and natural watercourses are precious assets and must be preserved. Certain compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus commonly found in fertilizers may contribute to the excessive and detrimental growth of algae and aquatic plants. On March 28, 2010, the Township Board enacted an ordinance to regulate the application of fertilizers used in the Township by registering commercial applicators and by providing guidelines for fertilizer application rates. The following documents provide guidance regarding Fertilizer Ordinance provisions and the registration process. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Engineering & Environmental Services Department at 248-594-2800 or send an Email.

Fertilizer Ordinance
Commercial / Institutional Applicator Registration Materials with Fee Resolution
Frequently Asked Questions

The Fertilizer Ordinance requires that all Institutional and Commercial Fertilizer Applicators applying fertilizer within Bloomfield Township be registered. Following registration, applicators meeting the guidelines of the Fertilizer Ordinance will be listed below.

2021 Registered Applicators

All State Tree & Lawn Service, Inc. 248-689-5750
Custom Greenery Lawn Care, Inc 248-471-1776
Custom Lawn Care Services, Inc. 248-462-4404
D & B Landscaping, Inc. 734-524-1030
Davey Tree Expert  330-673-9511
Diamond Lawn Service  248-588-1888
Elowsky Lawn Services 248-802-6514
ExperiGreen Lawn Care 844-397-3744
Green Cut Lawn  248-977-5162
Greenland Lawncare 248-684-0099
Hersch’s Lawn Spray 800-843-5296
Holden Green Turf, Inc.  248-828-0220
Independent Lawn Service 734-667-2476
Lush Lawn 248-299-5874
Natural Way 248-239-4000
Owen Tree Service 810-724-6680
SavATree 248-588-0202
Signature Lawn Care 248-349-4636
Three C's Landscaping, Inc. 586-415-4850
TLC The Lawn Company 508-799-6800
Trugreen 248-852-0500

Why Use a Low-Phosphorus, Slow-Release Fertilizer?

  1. Protect lakes, streams and groundwater;
  2. Promote steady and uniform grass growth;
  3. Avoid over-fertilization and "burning" of grass;
  4. Provide essential nitrogen for building healthy turf grass.

Understanding Fertilizer Labels - Easy as 1-2-3!

All fertilizers are labeled with three numbers that provide the percentage weight of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P), and potash (K). To protect waterways that are easily polluted by very small amounts of phosphorus and/or nitrogen, select a zero-phosphorus fertilizer. Soil in the Township is naturally rich in phosphorus and does not need it in fertilizers.

Soil Assessment Information

Several local landscapers and nurseries offer soil nutrient load evaluation and soil testing for a fee. Please visit the Oakland County MSU – Extension webpage to find out more about this service.

Questions For Your Lawn Care Provider

1. Have you read and do you understand Bloomfield Township’s fertilizer regulations?

Answer should be yes! Indicate your desire for the contractor to comply with these regulations.

2. Are you using a slow-release Nitrogen formula?

Answer should be yes because a slow-release formula allows for an even and measured release of nitrogen to the soil. Fast-release formulas can result in runoff of excess soil nutrients.

3. Are you using a fertilizer containing phosphorus (P)?

If the answer is "No", you have a healthy lawn without adding unnecessary nutrients. You are making a good effort to protect the environment. Before fertilizer formulations containing phosphorus are applied to your property, your contractor is required to perform a soil test to determine the nutrient levels in your soil and to confirm there is a need to use phosphorus on your lawn.

4. Are you fertilizing areas within 25 feet (or more) of a lake, stream, drain, river, wetland or any other watercourse?

Answer should be No!

Additional Information

For more information regarding the Fertilizer Ordinance please contact the Engineering & Environmental Services Department at 248-594-2800 or send an Email.

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Updated February 2021