Welcome to Bloomfield Township

The Charter Township of Bloomfield is home to 44,000 people. Its 26 square miles are distinguished by rolling hills, winding roads, and scenic lakes and streams. Located in Oakland County, Michigan, Bloomfield Township is within easy reach of the area’s major thoroughfares and expressways. It provides a full range of public services, including its own police and full-time fire departments and road, water & sewer divisions.

Housing choices in Bloomfield Township range from magnificent estates on large lots to affordable homes for first-time buyers. Because 95% of the Township is residential there is a special emphasis on the needs of homeowners, but Bloomfield Township’s business community is thriving and growing. Several large, nationally-known corporations have recently moved into Bloomfield or expanded their existing facilities, creating a healthy mix with nearby smaller, independently owned businesses.

Four public school systems - primarily Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham, and also Avondale and Pontiac - serve residents of the Township, as well as several excellent private and parochial schools.

Demographic information shows that the community’s population is widely diverse and exceptionally well-educated. The median income is one of the highest in the state. As a result of the area’s rich cultural mix, many of the world’s religions are represented by places of worship in Bloomfield Township.

If you already live in Bloomfield Township, we trust this website will give you the information you need to take full advantage of the exceptional public services provided for you. If you are considering moving into the Township, we hope the information here encourages you to further explore the community. And finally, if you work or do business in Bloomfield Township, or are contemplating locating a business here, we think you’ll find this to be a community that encourages a strong and healthy commercial environment.

Community History

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History of Bloomfield Township