The program consists of constructing concrete safety paths throughout the Township as outlined in the 1999 Safety Path Master Plan, updated in 2008 and 2018. The original paths were constructed to provide pedestrians, joggers, and bikers with safe passage from local neighborhoods to schools, shopping areas, and other local points of interest. These concerns, combined with our residents’ interest in health and exercise, continue to drive this program.

In response to our residents’ interest, the Engineering and Environmental Services Department, working with our consulting engineers, update the Safety Path Master Plan annually. Future safety path routes are considered based upon the anticipated usage by residents, the ability to construct within the existing public right-of-way, and to preserve the surrounding natural features. Final detailed engineering plans are prepared for safety path routes after they have been determined to be feasible for construction within the cost of the program.

Benefits of this program:  Provides a safe passage for children to school; promotes health and exercise; and promotes awareness of Township landscapes and natural features.

Telegraph - Square Lake Connections TAP Grant

The Township is applying for a Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant to make two safety path connections across Telegraph Road (US-24) at Square Lake Road and just north of Bataan Drive, herein referred to the Telegraph-Square Lake Connections project. The goal of a TAP Grant is to fund projects that encourage people to use modes of travel other than a single passenger vehicle. This goal fits perfectly with the Township’s safety path program and the Telegraph-Square Lake Connections project. The Township has an extensive safety path network both east and west of Telegraph Road. The closest crossing of Telegraph Road to Square Lake Road is 0.6 miles south at Hickory Grove Road. The proposed project would create two safety path connections across Telegraph Road. The first proposed safety path connection of Telegraph Road is on the south side of Square Lake Road. Safety path is also proposed to be constructed on the north side of Square Lake Road at Franklin Road, and along the easterly side of Telegraph Road to just north of McDonalds.  A second crossing of Telegraph Road is proposed in this area across the median to north of Bataan Drive.  The preliminary concept plan can be found by clicking here.  

2023 Safety Path Program

The 2023 Safety Path Program includes the following new paths to be constructed:

  • Lahser Road – west side from Lincoln Road to 14 Mile Road
  • Telegraph Road – east side from 14 Mile Road to Lincoln Road
  • Telegraph Road - east side from Hickory Grove Road to Franklin Road
  • Woodward Avenue - east side between Maywood Avenue and Manor Road, additional small areas

To view the Safety Path Master Plan Update please click here

  2023 Safety Paths Map

Walk Bike Drive Safe

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