We appreciate your concern for the community and promise to do our best to respond appropriately to these concerns.

Ordinance Enforcement Question or Complaint Form

Complaint Process

Violations of Township Ordinances are enforced through the Civil Infraction Process. This usually requires that an individual be afforded a reasonable opportunity to address the violation before a Civil Infraction Ticket is issued.

Complaint Review

When a complaint is received by Code Enforcement, an Officer will determine if it is a violation of a Township Ordinance.


If the issue is a violation of a Township Ordinance, a Code Enforcement Officer will visit the property to verify the problem.

Property Owner Notification

If a violation is found, the property owner will receive a notice of violation letter detailing the necessary corrective actions, and a deadline to make corrections.


The officer re-inspects the property at the end of the given time frame. If violations still exists, further enforcement will be taken. This action can be a phone call, property visit, or additional notices of violation.

Legal Action

When compliance cannot be reached, a citation is issued and a court date is scheduled with the 48th District Court.

Please understand that the process to remedy any given situation generally takes several weeks or longer.

Enforcement Process Flow