You have been invited to be a guest on a show at BCTV. How should you prepare? What should you expect?

Prior to the shoot:

  • You and the producer will discuss the questions and topics that will be covered.
  • Ask the producer if visual aids such as photographs, logos, videos or relevant objects will be needed. If so, check with BCTV staff as to what is acceptable.
  • Ask the producer what colors you should avoid wearing so you will not blend into the set background.
  • Do not wear solid white, red, small checked patterns or stripes.
  • You will be wearing a clip-on microphone so a suit or sport jacket is highly recommended.
  • Confirm with the producer the date and time of the shoot.
  • Get the producer’s phone numbers in case of an emergency. Note BCTV’s phone number, 248-433-7790, in case you are not able to reach the producer.
  • The studio address is 4190 Dublin, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. You may print a PDF map to the studio by clicking here.
  • Arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to the scheduled shoot time.

What to expect when you arrive at the Studio:

  • Check in with BCTV staff and you will be directed to our Green Room, where you can prepare for the show.

 Window View  Green Wall View

  • The producer will sit down with you to go over what you will discuss on the show.
  • We provide coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bottled water.
  • The studio has oversized restrooms in case clothing changes are necessary.
  • You will complete and sign a standard talent release form before being escorted into the studio and mic’d by staff.
  • All cell phones must be turned off while in the studio.

During the show:

  • The host will be asking the questions and taking the lead on the show
  • The host will be communicating with the director through hand signals that the camera operator is relaying.
  • Once the show begins the host will speak into the camera and introduce you and the topic. You will not address the camera at any time. You will always address the host.
  • Keep your answers to the host’s questions detailed and concise.
  • Most shows will take a break midway through the taping.
  • When the host wraps up the show, you will stay seated and talk to the host for a few minutes, to allow the director to add the credits.
  • You are finished when the camera operator says, "We’re clear."

Request a DVD of the show

You can request a DVD copy of the show you appeared on by completing the Dub Request Form and submitting it with your payment of $10 per DVD.
PDF Dub Request Form

You may also request a YouTube link to the show by emailing the Cable Department.  Check out our YouTube Channel!