1. The primary section buttons that appear in every page in the blue at the top of the page.  Use the dropdown menus from each to gain access to the different facets of Bloomfield Township.

2. Each primary section has its own secondary dropdown menu.  These pages contain information that are specific to each of the primary sections.

3. Sometimes you will find tertiary level menus with additional information about that particular section. These can be found at the top of the page in the textual menu or in the flyout menu from the appropriate secondary level.

4. The Signature area can also be found on every page.  Not only can you find textual links to the primary sections but you can also use the email links to send different kinds of feedback.  Also readily available is the Township Office address and phone number for quick reference.

5. Primary banners help you identify where you are within the site.

6. Extra Feature: You will also find the Resources button with links to the Help, Search and Site Map pages on every page as well.  These utility buttons enable you to quickly search for information using either the current Site Map or premium Search engine.


Every page has printer friendly button for ease of printing content without all the graphics.  We have also made some documents available in Adobe format (PDF) for easier printing.  To print the .pdf document, left click on the link, then click on the printer icon.  Or you can left click, then click on File/Print.

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