1. What is a secondary meter?

At the option and expense of a property owner, an additional water meter, referred to as a secondary water meter, may be installed. The secondary water meter shall allow for the metering of water that is directed exclusively to a sprinkler system or outside spigot or connection such as, but not limited to, a swimming pool.

2. How will a water and sewer customer benefit?

The secondary meter will measure the volume of water used exclusively outside of the house that will not enter a sanitary sewer system, therefore, this water usage will not be applied into the calculation of the sewage disposal bill for the property.

3. How will this help to conserve water?

During the summer months approximately 65% of the total water is used outdoors primarily for watering lawns and gardens as well as for washing cars and other recreational uses. The secondary meter will identify the amount of water that is used outside, therefore allowing the customer to better monitor and control their outside water use.

4. What does the meter cost?

The size of the secondary meter shall be at least the same size or smaller of the incoming water service. The Water & Sewer Division will not be responsible for determining the size of the secondary meter.

3/4" meter    $320
1" meter    $410
1 1/2" Turbo meter    $550

5. Are there other costs?

The installation of a secondary meter will require plumbing changes within the home. The costs for these plumbing changes will vary depending upon the complexity of the existing plumbing in each home. A licensed plumber should do this work. 

6. Is a permit required?

All plumbing changes and meter installations must be incompliance with the State Plumbing Code. A Plumbing Permit with a compliance statement signed by both the contractor and the homeowner will be required from the Township's Building Division. All work must be inspected and approved by the Plumbing Inspector before use of the secondary meter.

7. How does a customer purchase a secondary meter?

A secondary meter can be purchased in the Water & Sewer Division located in the Public Services building on Exeter. Click here for a map. For more information please call 248-594-2800.

Steps for Installing a Secondary Water Meter

  1. Determine the size for your secondary water meter. This is best discussed with whomever will be doing the work. The Water & Sewer Division will not be responsible for determining the size.
  2. Prior to purchase the owner or plumber will need to know the existing water service size as well as the type of valve before the existing meter.
  3. Pay for the secondary water meter in the Water & Sewer Division. This can be done before or at the time of pulling the permit.
  4. The contractor doing the work is required to secure a plumbing permit through the Building Division. The plumbing permit fee is $135 for the secondary meter. Pick up the secondary meter.
    • 3/4 " meter     $320
    • 1" meter     $410
    • 1 1/2" Turbo meter     $550
  5. Have the meter installed and plumbing changes made according to the diagram provided.  This must be done within 30 days of purchase.
  6. After both meters are set, contractor (or homeowner) must schedule an inspection at www.BSAonline.com. Must have the permit number to schedule an inspection.
  7. Once the inspection is approved, the Water & Sewer Division must have access to install remote.  Appointments should be schedule within 24 hours of inspection approval by calling 248-594-2800.

A separate billing account will be set up for reading the secondary meter and billed for water only charges on the outdoor water use. 

Secondary Meter Proper Installation

Second Meter set up example

Installation Checklist

Now that you have your secondary meter, click here for the checklist to complete the process.