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1. Who do I make my check payable to?

All payments are made out to Bloomfield Township.

2. When are taxes billed?

Taxes are billed twice a year and are considered a tax lien on the property. Statements are sent by July 1 and by December 1. July taxes are payable without interest through close of business September 14. December taxes are payable without penalty through close of business February 14. All unpaid taxes are deemed delinquent and fall under the Oakland County Treasurer’s jurisdiction on March 1.

3. Where are tax payments made?

Payments by check may be sent through the mail. Cash, checks or credit cards (with a fee) will be accepted at the Treasurer’s Office. Banks and utility companies cannot accept our payments. A secure 24-hour drop box is located in the Township's main lobby for your convenience.

4. May I make payment by credit card or direct deposit?

Credit card payments can be made by phone, internet or over the counter. A convenience fee to the card service will be charged. 

Direct debit (electronic check) payments can be made by phone or internet free of charge.

Information regarding these payment options is printed on the reverse side of the Tax statement or can be accessed by visiting the Tax Payments or Water/Sewer Payments pages of this website. 

5. How do I process my name, address or bank change?

A written request must be sent to the Township for all changes; there is space provided on the back of your tax bill for these changes or you can use the Notification of Name, Address, and Water/Sewer Billing Changes form. Mail or fax your request to the Township office.

6. Can I receive my bills electronically?

You can sign up to receive your quarterly water/sewer bills via email. Contact the Treasurer’s Office to sign up. Call 248-433-7705 for more information, or email your account number, name, address, phone number and email address to Treasurer. Paperless tax billing is not available at this time.

7. What happens if I'm late in paying my winter taxes?

All Summer tax bill payments received after close of business September 14 are subject to a 1% interest fee until the end of September. There is then a 1% per month increase from October to February, with a 3% penalty after close of business February 14.

All Winter tax bill payments received after close of business February 14 will incur a 3% penalty. On March 1 and thereafter, all delinquent taxes must be paid to the Oakland County Treasurer, 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48341. A 4% county property tax administration fee and a county penalty of 1% interest will be applied. Additional penalties/interest accrue monthly. If payment is made during the month of March, a Revised Statement from the Township must accompany your remittance to the Oakland County Treasurer's Office.

8. Is there a way I can look up my previous tax payments and see how much and when they were paid?

You can view previous tax payment records by visiting BS&A Online. Enter your name, address or parcel I.D. number in the search field at the top of the page, click on your information when it comes up and then choose the Tax Information tab.

9. Is there any help available if I am having a hard time paying my taxes?

As of June 2020 Bloomfield Township has streamlined the process and application form for those residents seeking hardship exemption for property taxes, waiver of solid waste, and Minor Home Repair Community Block Grants. Residents facing financial hardship can now use one form to apply for any or all of the above. The Assessor's Office will administer this program.

 Bloomfield Township Financial Assistance Program
 Hardship Exemption Guidelines
 Hardship Exemption Application Form

10. How do I make payment for trash service?

The Township is currently under contract with Priority Waste. Any questions about solid waste services should be directed to their Customer Service at 855-927-8365 or 855-WASTE-65. Payments can be sent to the following address or paid online through this link.

Priority Waste
45000 River Ridge Dr., Suite 200
Clinton Township, MI 48038

11. How do I contact the Treasurer’s Office?

The Treasurer’s Office can be reached by phone at 248-433-7705, by fax at 248-433-7714, by sending an Email or by letter sent to 4200 Telegraph Road Bloomfield Township MI 48302.