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  Delinquent Tax Outreach Program 

Property tax collection is the main function of the Bloomfield Township Treasurer's Office. While the actual assessed and taxable values of property are determined in the Assessor's Office, the tax billings and collections originate from the Treasurer's Office. All money transactions involving real property and personal property taxes, special assessments, water bills and other departments are processed through the Treasurer's Office. Questions involving balances, amounts, dates, and payment inquiries concerning tax bills, water and sewer bills and special assessments should be directed to this office.

Beware of Tax Scams

ALERT: Michigan taxpayers with past-due tax debts should be aware of an aggressive scam that’s making the rounds through the U.S. Postal Service, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury. For details about this scam click here.

The Michigan Department of Treasury is warning taxpayers of fraudulent phone calls being made to taxpayers from a “spoofing” phone number. This number has the appearance of being from the Department of Treasury. In this scam the taxpayer is told they owe money and must pay immediately. The Bloomfield Township Treasurer’s Office has heard from homeowners who have received calls saying they had not paid their property taxes and would lose their home unless they immediately send money. If you receive a call like this, NEVER send money. Notify the Police Department, and always check with the Treasurer’s Office if you have any questions about whether you owe back property taxes. Click here for more information on tax scams

Water bills, police business, Zoning Board of Appeals, and building permits are billed from each of the respective departments and then payments are made in the Treasurer's Department.

If you have a name or address change or correction, please notify us by using the "Notification of Name, Address, and Bank Changes" form. This can be used to add or remove a temporary/permanent mailing address, change a taxpayer name, or remove/add a bank for mortgage payment. Click here to fill out the Notification of Name, Address, and Bank Changes form.

Payment of taxes or water and sewer accounts can be made by mail, in the office, online or by phone. Click here for payment options.  

Financial Assistance Program

As of June 2020 Bloomfield Township has streamlined the process and application form for those residents seeking hardship exemption for property taxes, waiver of solid waste, and Minor Home Repair Community Block Grants. Residents facing financial hardship can now use one form to apply for any or all of the above. The Assessor's Office will administer this program.

 Bloomfield Township Financial Assistance Program
 Hardship Exemption Guidelines
 Hardship Exemption Application Form