While no list of crime prevention tips can guarantee your safety or remove the possibility that you will be a victim of a crime, the tips provided below can be effective in crime prevention. This information is provided to you based upon Police Department experience and has been shown to be effective in reducing criminal activity. Also, not every eventuality can be anticipated. No crime prevention measures should ever be taken that would contradict or interfere with fire safety laws or building codes.

If you have questions about the information presented on these pages, please contact Community Liaison Officer Nick Soley at 248-433-7724 or send an email.

Personal Safety  & Crime Prevention Tips

Neighborhood Safety Tips
Grandparent Scam
See Something Suspicious?
That Lived In Look

Crime Statistics

If you would like to know more about crime statistics in Bloomfield Township, visit our Transparency Page. For specific information about any area, call the Community Liaison Officer at 248-433-7724.

Crime Prevention Links

The following links will direct you to crime prevention or homeland security related websites that may be of interest.

Security on Campus
National Crime Prevention Council
Rape Aggression Defense System
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
America’s Most Wanted
National Fraud Information Center
Fraud Prevention for Seniors
Prevent Phone Scams
Identity Theft Prevention
USPS Guide To Preventing Mail Fraud

Report Suspicious Activity

To report suspicious activity, please contact (MICHTIP): 855-642-4847 (1-855-MICHTIP)