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Fire Marshal: Peter Vlahos
Email: Peter Vlahos
Phone: 248-433-7746
Fax: 248-642-7618

The Bloomfield Township Fire Department places a high priority on fire prevention activities. The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for Fire Inspections, Life Safety Building Code review and enforcement, Fire Investigations, Public Education, Emergency Management and maintenance of Firefighter Right-to-know data.

Public Education

Pic-OpenHouse2.jpgThe Bloomfield Township Fire Department places a high priority on public education. Several years ago, the fire department developed a safety education program within the Bloomfield Hills School district. The program is taught to second grade students throughout the district using the National Fire Protection Association’s Risk Watch curriculum, along with the Bloomfield Township Fire Safety Trailer and the Model-Tech Hazard House. Over the years this program has won several awards and is being presented to the American Burn Association at their National Conference in Palm Springs, California.

The Fire Prevention Division also arranges fire station tours, school visits and holds an Open House each year during National Fire Prevention Week. Call us for details!

Residential Home Inspections

The Fire Safety Inspection Program is to assist residents of Bloomfield Township in making their homes safer and reduce the possibility of a devastating fire. The Fire Department strongly encourages all homeowners to conduct a home fire safety inspection annually of their residence. 

Please use the residential fire safety check sheet to assist you in making your home a safer place for you and your family. The homeowner or responsible person should conduct the inspection using the checklist or may request assistance from the Bloomfield Township Fire Department. We will provide the home inspection service free of charge to Bloomfield Township residents upon request.

For questions regarding the program or to schedule a home fire safety inspection please call the Bloomfield Township Fire Prevention Division at 248-433-7745.

 Fire Safety Inspection Program Form

Residential Lock Boxes and Knox Boxes

The Fire Department offers multiple options for our Residential Fire Department Lock Box Program.
A lock box is a small metal box, which is installed outside of an individual’s home containing a key to the residence. The box is locked by a special key, to which only the Fire and Police departments have access to. In the event of an emergency, the Fire Department can use the special key to open the lock box and access your house key to gain entry into your home, therefore eliminating damage to your home from forcible entry.