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Do Not Knock registry

Residents who enroll in the Do Not Knock Registry will be able to restrict peddlers and/or solicitors from entering their property.  For more information, read the Solicitation Ordinance

As a resident of the Township, be aware of the following:

  • The Solicitation Ordinance and this Registry do NOT restrict political or religious speech/solicitation. All other forms of solicitation must conform to the Ordinance and the Do Not Knock Registry.
  • Peddlers and/or solicitors must have a permit issued by Bloomfield Township and they must have it visible on their person.
  • Peddlers and/or solicitors MUST NOT go to addresses on the Do Not Knock Registry. They are required to download the most current list each day.
  • The Do Not Knock Registry will only contain a resident’s address, not their name, phone number or email.
  • If you wish to report a violation of your Do Not Knock registration, call the non-emergency Police Department phone number (248-433-7755).
  • Call the Clerk’s Office with complaints or questions regarding solicitation or the Do Not Knock Registry (248-433-7702).
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By submitting this request, and clicking SUBMIT below, I hereby attest that I am the lawful owner and/or occupant of the above address. I understand that by submitting this request, my address will be placed on the Do-Not-Knock Registry. Once on the Registry, I understand that solicitors and/or peddlers shall not knock, ring the doorbell or otherwise physically call at my residence, house, apartment, or dwelling. I further understand that in order to remove my address, prior to the 5-year expiration date, from the Do-Not-Knock Registry, I must submit a request in writing to the Township Clerk.