Summer’s here and that means you should be receiving your summer property tax statement soon. Taxes are payable July 1st through September 16th, since the usual due date of September 14th falls on a weekend. If a mortgage company is paying your tax, you will receive an “information copy” to show you the allocation of your tax payment, instead of a regular invoice. The Treasurer’s Office takes great pride in making multiple payment options available to taxpayers, all shown on the back of your tax statement.

Please note that any payments by credit card will include a processing fee added to your tax payment. We strongly encourage taxpayers to use one of the payment options listed above. If you choose to put your payment in the mail, please allow for two to three weeks for delivery, as we have seen delivery times vary greatly. We count a payment as timely when it is received in our office, not based on the postmark. 

If you have any questions about your tax bill, please don’t hesitate to call my office. Enjoy your summer!

Michael Schostak, Township Treasurer | 248.433.7705 |