On March 11, 2024, Bloomfield Township launched Bloomfield Alerts powered by OnSolve. This emergency notification system will enable Bloomfield Township public safety personnel to notify our community by telephone, text message, email, and more. This time-sensitive notification system can reach thousands of individuals in minutes to ensure information is more quickly shared.
Any message regarding the safety of our residents and community will be disseminated using Bloomfield Alerts. We will send out time-sensitive information in emergencies, or urgent alerts in situations including boil water notices, gas leaks, evacuation notices, police activity, fire emergencies, missing persons, and more. This is a voluntary community alert system to ensure that residents and our community remain informed of important information.

This is for major emergencies only. Examples include: Large gas leak where evacuation is needed, chemical spills, large explosions, boil water alerts and any emergency that would require a resident to take action.
Registration is completely free and sign up is easy. Simply text “BTALERTS” to 24639 or go to https://accountportal.onsolve.net/bloomfieldtwp to register. You will be required to input your residential or commercial address during registration. This system is precise enough target specific parts our community with an exact area of impact, so that only those people who are affected by an emergency situation are notified.
Bloomfield Alerts will help keep you informed and prepared for any emergency that may occur in our area. Officials will send messages to alert you only of emergency details, instructions or precautions that you need in order to make well-informed decisions and remain safe. Be prepared, register today!

Questions? Contact:
Officer Nick Soley, BTPD
Telephone: 248-433-7724 Fax: 248-433-7713
Fire Inspector Ryan Morin, BTFD
Telephone: 248-433-7726 Fax: 248-433-7787