Here’s a reminder that residents and business owners who prefer that solicitors not call at their property can add their addresses to the Do Not Knock Registry. Bloomfield Township’s Solicitation Ordinance also requires peddlers and/or solicitors to have a permit issued by the Township, which must be visible on their person (pictured).

Solicitors will now be required to download the most current Do Not Knock list every day, and must not go to those addresses. Remember, political and religious solicitation is exempt and so is soliciting by a Township resident within ½ mile of their home. 

You can read more or add your address via Do Not Knock Registry.

If you experience any issues, please take note of the individual’s license and submit the complaint to the Clerk’s Office – or, if more serious, to the Bloomfield Township Police Department.  

Please contact the Clerk’s Office via 248-433-7702 or Email with any additional questions.