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cross connection program

Currently Hydro Corp manages the Bloomfield Township Cross Connection Program, which is mandated by the State of Michigan Public Act 399. It is the Township’s responsibility to protect its water system from cross connections through a program of inspection and testing businesses and education for residential homes. Initial inspections determine if cross connection devices are installed at appropriate places and where they need to be installed. Depending on the likelihood of a problem, subsequent inspections are required at an interval of 1 to 5 years. Additionally, all devices are required to be tested annually. For those accounts that do not meet the required compliances within a reasonable amount of time, the Township may shut the water off.

What Is A Cross Connection?

A cross connection is a direct or potential arrangement of drinking water piping that is or can be connected to a questionable source. An example is the common garden hose attached to a sill cock with the end of the hose submerged in a bucket of soapy water. Other examples include water lines connected to boilers, process equipment and bottom-fed tanks.

Cross connections may allow backsiphonage or backpressure backflow to occur. Backsiphonage is a reversal of normal flow in a system caused by negative pressure piping. This can occur during repairs or breaks in water main or at increase in demand due to fire fighting. Backpressure backflow, the reversal of normal flow in the system due to downstream pressure being greater than the supply pressure, can occur with pressurized systems such as boilers and process equipment.

Bloomfield Township implements an ongoing Cross Connection Control Program, mandated by the State of Michigan Public Act 399, which is a cooperative effort between the Water & Sewer Department and the Building Department to control cross connections and ensure that the public drinking water supply is protected.

What Can YOU do?

To prevent the most common form of cross connection, the ordinary garden hose, check to make sure your hose is equipped with a Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker (see photos). These are typically about $5-$10 from your hardware store. If you don't see one - go out and get one!


Pressure vacuum breakers are usually found on all automatic sprinkling systems. These backflow prevention devices should be checked and tested regularly by a licensed plumber that is certified with the State.

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