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Residential cross connection program

Michigan Public Act 399, Part 14A requires all public water supply systems in Michigan to develop and implement a comprehensive control program for the elimination of all existing cross–connections and prevention of all future cross–connections. The Bloomfield Township Public Water Utility system delivers safe, high-quality drinking water every day. To continue to protect the public health and keep the water system safe from contaminants and pollutants, Bloomfield Township is required to begin implementing cross connection surveys/inspections for all residential water customers. The purpose of these surveys is to identify potential unsafe interconnections to the public water supply. Although State and local regulations apply, this is an important safety program of the local public water system.

The Township has contracted with HydroCorp of Troy, Michigan to assist in managing our Cross-Connection Control Program. HydroCorp is a consulting firm that specializes in backflow prevention education, cross-connection control program management and inspections/surveys. They have been managing the Township’s current Cross Connection Program for commercial properties since 2003.

What Is A Cross Connection?

A cross-connection is a direct or potential connection between any part of the public water supply system and a source of contamination or pollution. A simple example would be a garden hose style fixture, with no form of backflow prevention, submerged in a pool. Water normally flows in one direction, from the public water system through the customer’s cold or hot water plumbing system to a faucet or other plumbing fixtures. Under certain conditions, such as a quick drop in pressure due to a water main break, water can flow in the reverse direction. This is known as backflow and, in our hose-in-the-pool example, could cause the non-potable pool water to backflow into the resident’s drinking water, creating a hazard for the resident. 

What is a Cross Connection Survey/Inspection?

A Cross-Connection survey will be a visual survey/inspection of the exterior residential properties to detect actual and potential cross connections. A digital record will be made of each inspection, existing backflow devices/assemblies and corrective action if necessary. This will help ensure that contaminated or polluted water cannot backflow into clean drinking water within buildings and the public water system. Inspection notices will be mailed to water customers approximately two weeks before the scheduled inspection date. There is no fee for the cross-connection inspection and the homeowner will not be required to be home at the time of inspection. HydroCorp will perform these initial surveys during the summer seasons of 2021 through 2026. The Township has been divided into six zones and only one zone per year will undergo these surveys. You can reference the map to determine which year your property will be subject to inspection. 


If you have any questions about the program, please contact
HydroCorp directly at 800-315-4305 or visit the HydroCorp website