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Island Lake Improvement Board

Island LakeIsland Lake Edge

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Island Lake Edge with Rocks

Island Lake
Island Lake

Bloomfield Township was contacted by a riparian land owner on Island Lake regarding suspicious blue-green coloring of the water and algae (see the photos above).  Photos of the blue-green algae were forwarded to the Oakland County Health Department – Environmental Health Division and the State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy.  The State of Michigan collected samples of the water and algae on June 18, 2020 for analysis by a laboratory.  The results or the sample analysis will be available in several days.  The blue-green algae and coloring were observed along the westerly side of Island Lake along Kirkway Road and Lakeland Lane. 
The water and algae are being evaluated by the State to determine if it is blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria.  Blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, can produce toxins that are harmful to humans, pets and other aquatic life.  Until the results of the sampling are known, the Oakland County Health Department recommends that people do not swim in the water that contains the algae and scum or water that looks like spilled paint, and keep children and pets away from the algae in the water or on the shore. 
More information on harmful algae blooms and blue-green algae can be found on the Oakland County Health Department website, on the CDC website  and on the Frequently Asked Question document.
Information on the laboratory analysis performed by the State will be updated here.  In the event that the results of the laboratory analysis require swimming and lake restrictions, Oakland County Health Department will post signs to notify the public around the lake.
Questions and further information can be directed to the Oakland County Health Department at 248-858-1280 or, or the Environmental Assistance Center at 800-662-9278.

About Island Lake

Island Lake has a surface area of approximately 111 acres, a maximum depth of 55 feet, and a mean or average depth of 13.3 feet. The lake contains about 1,482 acre-feet of water, a volume which would cover an area over 2.3 square miles to a depth of 1 foot. The lake has a shoreline about 2.6 miles long. The majority of the 283-acre Island Lake watershed is urbanized. Water drains to Island Lake via several inlets. The largest of which enters from the south end of the lake. Island Lake’s outlet flows into Lower Long Lake, Forest Lake, the Rouge River and onto the Detroit River.

Information gathered and provided by Progressive AE in January of 2011.

Lake Board Information

At the request of residents, a Lake Improvement Board was convened for Island Lake in 1983. The Lake Improvement Board was established as a mechanism to address apparent water quality concerns within the lake. Later that year, the Island Lake Improvement Board began a study to quantify the water quality issues impacting Island Lake and determine what actions, if any, were required to correct these issues. For more information regarding this study and for Lake Board assessment information, follow the links below.

Island Lake Special Assessment District
Island Lake Improvement Plan - 2011 - Updated March 26, 2013
Island Lake Improvement Plan  - 1983
Island Lake Budget
Island Lake Assessment Roll

Water Quality Reports

 2020 Island Lake Water Quality Report

 2019 Island Lake Water Quality Report
2018 Island Lake Water Quality Report
2016 Island Lake Water Quality Summary
2015 Island Lake Water Quality Summary
2014 Island Lake Water Quality Report
2013 Island Lake Water Quality Summary
2013 Island Lake Water Quality Report

Current Lake Board Members

Riparian Representative

Mr. Ned Greenberg, Resident
Email: Ned Greenberg
Phone: 248-757-2350


Ms. Dani Walsh, Bloomfield Township Supervisor
Email: Dani Walsh
Phone: 248-433-7708

Recording Secretary

Mr. Martin Brook, Bloomfield Township Clerk
Email: Martin Brook
Phone: 248-433-7702

County Commissioner

Mr. Chuck Moss, District 12 Commissioner
Email: Chuck Moss
Phone: 248-858-0100

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Representative

Ms. Jacy Garrison, OCWRC
Email: Jacy Garrison
Phone: 248-858-5264

Additional Information

Please contact the Bloomfield Township Clerk’s office at Email or 248-433-7702 or the Engineering and Environmental Services Department at Email or 248-594-2800 if you have questions about the material presented here.

For more information regarding water quality protection, please visit the following websites:

DNR Inland Lake Maps
Bloomfield Township Watershed
Bloomfield Township Public Education
Alliance of Rouge Communities
Friends of the Rouge
Clinton River Watershed Council
Southeast Oakland County Water Authority


Updated March 2011