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Construction Projects

2021 Construction Projects

SAW Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising Project

In 2020 Bloomfield Township obtained a Stormwater Asset Management and Wastewater (SAW) grant through the State of Michigan. There are several tasks of work under the grant. One of the tasks includes performing a condition assessment of a portion of the Township’s sanitary sewer system. This includes cleaning and televising the sewer. The sewer cleaning and televising project will take place throughout the Township including in rear and side yards, and along lakes and rivers.
The contractor for this project is Doetsch Environmental Services, from Warren, Michigan. The program consists of three separate divisions that began in December 2020 and will be completed by the end of 2021. During cleaning and televising there are no anticipated interruptions in services to homes or businesses. The cleaning and televising is conducted from within the sewer by accessing the sewer manholes. In some cases, the manholes are located within easements along rear and side yard property lines. Any disruption to property will be restored at the completion of the project. Driveways and streets will be kept passable during this period. The contractor will use water from fire hydrants within the project areas.
Should you have a concern or question about the project, please notify one of the project contacts listed below.

Hubbell Roth & Clark Inc.:
Chris Ross                                  
555 Hulet Drive                           
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302                                           

Bloomfield Township:
Cory Borton 
4200 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Township, MI 48302

Doetsch Environmental:
David Dwyer
21221 Mullin Avenue
Warren, MI 48089

Project updates and information on where the contractor is working will be shared on Bloomfield Township social media outlets.

Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund Project Plan or the Improvements to the Birmingham Farms Subdivision Water Main Replacement Program

The Charter Township of Bloomfield will hold a public hearing on the proposed Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan for the Improvements to Birmingham Farms Subdivision Water Main Replacement Program for the purpose of receiving comments from interested persons.
The purpose of the proposed project is to obtain a low interest State loan to fund improvements to the Drinking Water System to improve efficiency, reduce likelihood of water main breaks, and restore capacity of aging pipes. Project construction will involve replacements of various water mains within the Birmingham Farms subdivision.  Impacts of the proposed project include minor traffic impacts, minor lawn, and pavement disturbance. The estimated cost to users for the proposed project will be $36.12 per year per residential user.

Copies of the plan detailing the proposed project are available at the following location(s):
  1. Online on the Township’s website here.
  2. Bloomfield Township Dave Payne Public Services Building (by appointment with the Engineering Department only) – 1153 Exeter Street, Bloomfield Township MI 48302
The hearing will be held virtually at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, June 14, 2021 during the regular Township Board of Trustees Meeting.
Public Comments regarding the Project Plan may be made in one of the two following ways for no more than three minutes for each person:
To submit a written comment: send it via email either before or during the public comment portion of the Hearing to The written comments will be read into the record during the Hearing.

To make a live verbal comment: you may join the virtual Hearing via Zoom. Click here for the Zoom information. Join the Zoom Hearing and wait to be called to speak during the public comment portion of the Hearing. The Zoom moderator will identify speakers by the last four digits of their phone number or display name.
Written comments received before the hearing record is closed on June 14, 2021 will receive responses in the final project plan.  Written comments should be sent to:
Martin Brook, Township Clerk
Bloomfield Township
4200 Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Twp., MI 48302
Or email –

2021 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Program

Bloomfield Township has undertaken a program to eliminate storm water and ground water sources connected to the public sanitary sewer system. As part of this program, the sanitary sewers located within two areas of Bloomfield Township will be rehabilitated. The program areas are in the Foxcroft development north of Maple Road and west of Telegraph Road, and the Williamsburg and Lone Pine Acres developments north of Lone Pine Road and west of Franklin Road. The contractor selected for the work is Granite Inliner (Granite). Granite will be utilizing a Cured in Place Piping (CIPP) system to rehabilitate a majority of the aging infrastructure. This method greatly reduces the disturbance and associated restoration as it avoids the need to excavate the sewers to perform the repairs.
Work will begin the beginning of September 2021 and last through March 2022. Prior to any rehabilitation Granite will be cleaning and preparing all sanitary sewer lines for repair. During the cleaning operations there are no anticipated interruptions in services. The contractor will make every effort to reduce impacts to property owners during cleaning. During the sewer rehabilitation program, residents may experience disruption in regular services. Granite will provide notices on doors to all affected homes 24 hours in advance of the CIPP operations in your area. Granite will provide a more detailed notice and time frame to limit facility uses within that advance notification. 
Should you have a concern or question about the project, please contact the Engineering and Environmental Services Department, the Township’s Consulting Engineers, or Granite Inliner as listed below. 
Bloomfield Township:
Cory Borton
Matt Hughes, P.E.
Granite Inliner:
Josh Parker

Berkshire Villas Phase II - 2021 Water Main   Replacement Program

As part of the Township’s continuing capital improvement program, existing water mains in the Berkshire Villas development will be replaced.  In 2020, Phase 1 of the Berkshire Villas Water Main Replacement consisted of replacing 4,370 feet of water main.  The 2021 Phase 2 program will replace approximately 3,300 feet of water main on Parkstone Lane and Jackson Park Drive.  The scope of the project includes upsizing 6-inch diameter water mains, replacing 8-inch diameter water mains, replacing fire hydrants, and replacing valves.  The project will begin in mid-September and will be completed in early December 2021.
The construction method selected for water main replacement this year is prechlorinated pipe bursting, which uses the existing water main pipe as a conduit for the new pipe. Prechlorinated pipe bursting is less disruptive than traditional open cut water main replacement. During pipe bursting, the homes along the section of main to be burst will be temporarily connected to a 2” diameter above ground water line in order to maintain water service. Homes may be connected to the temporary line for several days. The temporary line will be extended through driveway culverts where available. Should the line cross a driveway, bypass ramps will be provided, and residents should take care when driving over it. The temporary line will not provide enough capacity to serve irrigation systems. Therefore, residents shall refrain from using irrigation systems while they are being served by a temporary water line.
During construction, residents both along the new water main and a few lots adjacent to where the new water main is being constructed may experience short durations of water loss for operation of the existing system and during transfer of the new system. Residents in these areas adjacent to the work will also be notified prior to any shutdowns.
Should you have a concern or question about the project, please contact the Engineering and Environmental Services Department, the Township’s Consulting Engineers, or Murphy Pipeline Contractors as listed below. 

Bloomfield Township:
Cory Borton
Karyn Stickel, P.E.
Murphy Pipeline Contractors:
Jose Quintero

Updated 10/14/21