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Whereas, the Charter Township of Bloomfield’s trees, woodlots, landscapes, greenbelts, natural areas and right-of-ways, represent a valuable and precious asset, necessary to preserve; and

Whereas, various oak (Quercus) species comprise a significant component of this natural and rural forest environment, in some locations as much as 80-90% of the dominant tree species; and

Whereas, the Charter Township of Bloomfield is concerned a deadly disease known as oak wilt caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum is a threat to the Township’s oak population. Improper tree trimming/removal practices may result in the establishment of oak wilt disease epicenters, which may lead to increased disease activity with devastating aesthetic and economic losses. It is therefore both advisable and prudent to attempt to prevent and control oak wilt.

The Charter Township of Bloomfield’s Board of Trustees hereby resolves the following:

Tree Care Practices: Oak Wilt Prevention

  • Oak trees shall not be pruned or trimmed between April 1 and October 31 regardless of their location. Exceptions include pruning repair for storm damage, construction, utility work, accidents, etc (see item b). However, if temperatures during winter months reach 50 degrees or higher for several days, there is a slim possibility of oak wilt transmission by sap beetles, which may become active during these warming trends. Hence, prudence is advised to tree care companies and homeowners when pruning or trimming oak trees during these warm periods.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the property owner, developer, contractor to repair or cause to be repaired any oak trees that are inadvertently injured (by storms, construction, accidents etc.) between April 1 and October 31, by removal of exposed jagged surfaces followed by prompt sealing with a tree pruning sealer or latex paint. Such repair should take place within 24 to 48 hours of the injury.
  • Oaks that exhibit symptoms of oak wilt (see the attached and/or Bloomfield Township’s web site) or show signs of decline or death shall be reported to the Roads Division, 248-433-7709.

Tree Care Practices: Oak Wilt Management

  • Suspected cases of oak wilt must be reported as soon as observed, to Bloomfield Township’s Roads Division, 248-433-7709.
  • Any developer, contractor and/or owner(s) of property preparing a site for construction during April 1st through October 31st shall follow strict adherence to the above Oak Wilt prevention practices.
  • Trees confirmed with oak wilt shall be the responsibility of the property owner to perform or cause to be performed, one or several of the following practices.
  1. Members of the red oak family, which have died of oak wilt, must be removed within 5 weeks.
  2. Members of the red oak family not infected by oak wilt, but potentially root grafted to a tree that was killed or diseased with oak wilt, should be treated by injection of the fungicide. Members of the white oak family diseased with oak wilt may recover with Alamo tree injections.
  3. Trenching may be a practice in lieu of or in addition to injections for oak wilt management.
  4. Dead oak trees will be removed and properly disposed by chipping to less than 3 inches or removed to a disposal site for debarking, burning or burial. Oak wood retained as firewood will be sealed with a (brown or green) tarp during the warm season, April 1-October 31.
  5. Stumps left by removal of oak trees shall be promptly removed or buried.
  6. Responsibility for oaks in this resolution will reside with the property owner(s). In right-of-way situations the responsibility will reside with Road Commission for Oakland County. In utility easement locations, it shall be the responsibility of the utility company to schedule trimming between November 1 and March 31.

Copies of this resolution shall be forwarded to appropriate State and County representatives, utility companies, as well as Township property owners.