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2017 Open House

2017 Open House is a shining success

The kids had fun. You could tell by their smiling painted faces. Their parents didn’t have painted faces, but there was no shortage of smiles anywhere.

All through the afternoon crowds of people streamed across the Township campus to see the sights of the annual Open House, held this year on Sunday, Oct. 1. Each year, the Township shows off its equipment and services while staffers provides a host of activities. There was a Fire Department demonstration, rides in police cars, kids could build a dog house or hop inside a piece of heavy equipment.

There was a petting zoo at the Bloomfield Hills High School, and to add a special sweet touch to the afternoon 48th District Court Judges Diane D’Agostini, Marc Barron and Kimberly Small judged a pie tasting contest. Amy Goodman, with the help of daughters Laurel and Julia, won first place for her spiced pecan pumpkin creation.

This year’s Open House may have been the biggest ever and drew a huge turnout. Plans for next year are already under way and it may be the biggest yet.

2017 Open House 2017 Open House
2017 Open House 2017 Open House
2017 Open House 2017 Open House