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Tie One On For Safety This Holiday Season

The Bloomfield Township Police Department teamed with multiple local police agencies and Mothers Against Drunk Driving to promote the Tie One On For Safety campaign. Stretching from Thanksgiving Eve through January 1st, the campaign aims to remind everyone to designate a driver or have a plan to avoid driving drunk by placing a red ribbon on their car this holiday season.
Hosted at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, law enforcement from across Oakland County attended the event as well as the Michigan State Police. Speakers, Jason Waldron and Taylor Greeson, shared their experience of losing loved ones to drunk drivers and thanking first responders for their work in tending to drunk driving collisions. Hear their stories below alongside remarks from Program Coordinator Sue Strong and Michigan Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Kenneth Stecker.

Drunk driving incidents account for a third of all traffic fatalities. Don't find yourself part of a growing statistic this holiday season. Designate a driver or have a plan to arrive home safely with a ride share app.


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