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Stay Safe When Storms Hit

Bloomfield Township can be hit with severe storms several times throughout the year. Whether it is rain, wind, snow or ice, these storms can create many safety issues for Township residents. Our DPW, the Police Department, the Fire Department and DTE work tirelessly to make areas safe again. When a widespread incident occurs, it can take time to restore power and ensure that our roadways are safe.

We understand not being able to get to your home, leave your home, or living without power can be inconvenient, but sometimes it is necessary. Downed power lines are extremely dangerous and can instantly kill someone if we are careless. Many times, downed power lines are hidden in trees that have fallen over. Downed power lines can electrify the ground surrounding them so that walking within 20 feet of a downed line can cause serious injury.

Please do not walk under or around downed lines. The only way to know that a wire is not energized is to have a DTE crew test it. We ask that if a road is closed that residents do not try to use it. If a road is closed, it is closed for safety reasons and we are working to open it as soon as possible. Please respect what our DPW workers, police officers and firefighters are asking you to do, as it is for the safety of us all. 


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