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Q&A with Supervisor Dani Walsh and Priority Waste

Dani Walsh (DW) - With over 16,000 accounts, what is the total # of “touches/stops” that Priority does in the Township, per week? 

Priority Waste (PW) - Residential – 51,645 weekly touches (garbage, recycling, compost). Dumpsters - 91 weekly touches.

DW - How many issues/errors/complaints did you have – week to week? Also, please explain what defines an issue/error/complaint.

PW - 235 total service tickets were entered into the portal over 5 weeks. That's a 99.7% success rate.
A ticket is created for every service inquiry requiring action. Below is a breakdown of the categories:
  • Missed stop (Trash)   118
  • Missed Stop (Recycle)   41
  • Missed Stop (Compost)  22
  • Other   22
  • Bulk   17
  • Complaint   9
  • Education  3
  • 1 – bulk education on proper placement and preparing for collection
  • 2 – education on late set materials
  • Late Set Out  2
  • Manager Investigation    1

There has been a constant flow of communication between the residents and officials of Bloomfield Township and our Bloomfield Township dedicated LDC (Logistic Driver Coordinators) team, throughout the transition. We noticed based on the numbers a spike in portal entries/tickets in the second week. Corrective action analysis determined routing errors that stemmed from improper adjustments made in the first week’s service. We evaluated the routing and corrected errors identified which led to a 42% and 46% decrease in calls over the next two weeks.

DW - How has your end-time from week to week been improving?

PW - We are experiencing a positive trend in productivity week over week. As our drivers learn their assigned routes and become more familiar with the area, they are much more efficient. Additionally, the LDC’s for Bloomfield Township have been a reliable resource to troubleshoot the problem areas discovered over the first 5 weeks. Most of the route adjustments came from in-field feedback and experience. The Bloomfield Township LDC’s also played a critical role improving the service efficiencies that the residents are experiencing. Route completion time has improved 25% from day 1, down to 8 hours from 11.

DW - What feedback from the Twp or its residents has resulted in process improvements? What ways have you been responsive to the Township’s unique needs/wants?

PW - Priority has received a great deal of information from the Township employees and the residents that have been acted on throughout the initial 5 weeks of service. Having a culture of being open to suggestions is what enables us to continually improve as a collaborative service partner.
  • We have increased the houses serviced by the smaller truck to accommodate areas that are difficult to navigate. 
  • Tight roadways, narrow paths, small bridges, etc.
  • Implemented a hotlist of service requests that residents have brought to us. We are accommodating those requests that are within reason as much as possible.

DW - How many 95-gallon carts were ordered by Twp residents by week 5? How many have been delivered so far?

PW - 216 95-gallon trash carts have been ordered by Bloomfield Township residents. 144 95-gallon trash carts have been delivered with the remaining 72 to be delivered next week. (Data reflects information up to Thursday, August 3, 2023)

DW - What type of metrics can you share on call numbers, call times, hold times, etc.

PW - Number of Phone Calls – 1,064
Average Call Length – 2:07 Minutes
Average Hold Time – 0:22 Seconds

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