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Press Release: Fraud

On August 29, 2022 the Bloomfield Township Police Department took a Fraud Report from one of our residents. The forty-five year old Bloomfield Township resident received several phone calls over a two hour span from an individual claiming to be a Deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. The phone numbers were cloned Oakland County numbers. The impersonator claimed that our resident had failed to appear for Jury Duty and was charged with Contempt of Court. The impersonator told our resident that she had a fine of $1500 and had to pay to clear the charges.

The resident attempted to settle the case by sending the impersonator $500 via the online banking application “Zelle Pay”. The resident offered to meet the impersonator at the police department to settle the rest of the debt. The impersonator immediately ceased contact with the resident. BTPD would like to remind the community that no legitimate law enforcement agency will contact you by telephone to settle a fine or take care of a warrant. If you believe you are being targeted, please hang up and contact your local police department to verify.

Media inquiries should be directed to Public Information Officer Soley at 248-433-7724 or


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