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Reliable Election & Voter Information

You are about to be inundated with unofficial election-related content. From multiple mailings, phone calls, text messages and more, this material will be created to look official but is not. Official election-related mailings will contain the USPS Logo (as shown, right) and will have the Bloomfield Township Clerk’s Office as the return address.
Please know that there is an official and person-specific election information website that is readily available for you to clear-up any confusion generated by any misleading content.  
Please visit Michigan Voter Information Center to get answers to your election-related inquires, including:
  • Confirming your active voter registration
  • Learning about upcoming election dates
  • Finding your precinct number/location
  • Finding drop box locations
  • Learning clerk office hours
  • Tracking your absentee ballot (once submitted)
Want to talk to someone about elections, your registration, or absentee ballot status today? Call Clerk Martin Brook at (248) 433-7703 or contact him via Email


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