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MDOT Meeting and Update

MDOT held a meeting on Monday, February 27th that hundreds of people attended in order to object to the removal of the Square Lake Road ramp to eastbound I-75.

I am pleased to share that due to the overwhelming response from the community, MDOT officials reached out the following morning and agreed to meet again and discuss options.

The Township caucus at that meeting will include myself, Clerk Martin Brook, Treasurer Brian Kepes, Congresswoman Donni Steele, and representatives for US Senator Gary Peters and US Congresswoman Haley Stevens.

Even an ice storm, bad timing, and short notice didn't stop our residents and community leaders from supporting Bloomfield Township! Thank you to all the residents that shared the notice, rallied your neighbors, and made your opinions known and heard by MDOT!

I heard from business owners and community members about how the ramp removal will negatively impact their business or increase the traffic in their neighborhoods.

Both Police Chief James Gallagher and Fire Chief John LeRoy expressed their concerns about the increased response times to incidents and proposed routes that will take public safety two miles out of Bloomfield Township jurisdiction to get onto the highway.

Thank you to all our elected officials and community leaders who attended and gave support, including Congresswoman Donni Steele, Clerk Martin Brook, Treasurer Brian Kepes, Trustee Val Murray, Trustee Michael Schostak, Trustee Stephanie Fakih, Trustee Neal Barnett, Police Chief Jimmy Gallagher, Fire Chief John LeRoy, Bloomfield Schools Superintendent Pat Watson, and the many Home Owners Association Board members.

The public meeting fulfilled the legal requirement to meet with the public. If you missed the meeting, your voice can still be heard by responding to the MDOT survey and including your comments. The deadline for the survey response is March 13th.

If you already submitted your response, you can share the link with others and encourage them to participate as well. When MDOT makes their final recommendation to the Federal Highway Association for approval, they must attach all public input forms along with their submissions.

Together we can make a difference. We already have.

Your Supervisor,
Dani Walsh


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