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Important Voting Facts About February 27th Presidential Primary

Every four years, Michigan holds an election for the presidential primaries. A few other states hold party caucuses. All registered Michigan electors are eligible to vote in this election.
Clerk Martin Brook wants to notify you of two important presidential primary voting facts: First, you do not need to register with a party to vote in that party’s presidential primary. Second, each party is listed on a separate ballot – one to vote for a Democratic candidate and one to vote for a Republican candidate. Therefore, to vote in a presidential primary, you must pick which party ballot: Republican or Democratic. You must make this ballot selection before we mail you an absentee ballot or before voting in the early voting precinct or before voting in your precinct on Election Day. 
In December, we mailed forms to 20,000 residents who had expressed a desire to vote absentee. This form allows you to select a ballot type. Need a Replacement Form? For absentee voters, if you do not make a presidential primary ballot selection, we will mail you the proposal-only ballot on or about February 1, 2024. Included with this ballot will be instructions on how you can still vote in the presidential primary if you choose to do so.
Questions? Contact the Clerk's Office via Email or (248) 433-7702. 


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