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Bloomfield Township Storm Response

Supervisor Dani Walsh and Department of Public Works Director Noah Mehalski have been working extensively with executive leadership at the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) to partner together and go over the response to the storm, issues that occurred, and find solutions to return RCOC care of the county roads within Bloomfield Township to the high level of safety and satisfaction that the residents, Township administration, and RCOC expect going forward.

This past weekend’s winter storm wreaked havoc on Bloomfield Township Roads. The heavy, wet snow, high winds and snow-covered roads caused a variety of incidents over a 72-hour period.

“I understand the main roads are in terrible shape right now, that’s likely due to the duration of the event and when it struck during rush hour, it packed all of those locations down into ice. Now, the Road Commission for Oakland County is dealing with peeling up all of that ice and which is difficult and will only be helped by warm temperatures and the sun,” per Director Mehalski.
Township Crews have been out treating local subdivision roads throughout the storm that began on January 12. This includes numerous trees that were downed due to this event.
Bloomfield Township only maintains the subdivision roads. Major roads like Telegraph, Woodward, Square Lake, Maple, Quarton, Franklin and so on, are maintained by the Road Commission for Oakland County, RCOC. To Contact RCOC please call their Customer Service Department at 248-858-4804 or Email them.

BTFD responded to 35 downed power lines, 29 medical emergencies, 15 fire alarms, and the remainder of calls for service included carbon monoxide incidents, natural gas leaks, assisting motorists, removing trees from roadways, and citizen assists.
BTPD took 264 calls for service. Officers checked on 61 stranded motorists, responded to 32 traffic crashes, 7 vehicles in the ditch, 13 road runoffs, and 18 road hazards. Please know that the safety of residents is our main focus and we are working tirelessly in response to this weather occurrence.
Contact the Bloomfield Township DPW at 248-594-2800 or DPW Email.

Contact the BTFD at 248-433-7745 or via Fire Department Email.
Contact the BTPD at 248-433-7755 or via Police Department Email.


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