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Bloomfield Township Clerk’s Office Recognized by U.S. State Department for Passport Services

During the most recent audit, our own Bloomfield Township Clerk’s Office was awarded a perfect score for their passport services courtesy of the United States Department of State. As mentioned, in the official notification from the Detroit Passport Agency:

“As an Acceptance Facility, you play an essential role in helping American citizens obtain their passports and we are proud to work with such a great team of people who help provide the public with quality service and information. On behalf of the United States Department of State, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to serving American citizens.”

Bloomfield Township Clerk Martin C. Brook recognizes that local government is a customer service operation and very much appreciates that good customer service comes from dedicated and talented staff.  He shared, “This perfect score is the same score the department has received for a decade, since starting passport services.”  He also added, “Team members have changed over the years, but serviced levels have not and this is due in large part to Deputy Clerk Deana Mondock, who has been the passports manager throughout the past decade.”

In 2022, the Clerk’s Office processed 1071 passport applications. This was followed by 1255 passport applications in 2023, with an error rate of 0.5%. The national average was 8.0%.

If you need to request or renew your passport, please check out Passport Services for all of the information that you will need.


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