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A Message from Priority Waste

The importance of recycling materials (bottles, cans, cardboard, etc.) cannot be understated. We encourage our residents to do their part in our process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products.
Recycling can benefit our community, the economy, and the environment. Let’s make sure we are recycling responsibly.
Recycling Standards:
  • Items to be recycled should be contained loosely in a clearly marked RECYCLE ONLY cart or bin.
  • Paper products, plastics, aluminum, tin, and glass are standard acceptable materials. These products should be confirmed with the collection agency as some areas differ. For Bloomfield Township, these are all acceptable materials.
  • Rinsed and dry is best! Any products containing food parts, liquids, dirt, grease, etc. can result in contaminating the material when it is delivered to the recycling facility.
In addition to the industry standards, Priority has made an exception for Bloomfield Township specifically that cardboard can be collected OUTSIDE of the recycling cart/bins utilized by residents:
  • The cardboard material must be broken down or flattened.
  • Broken down cardboard can be contained by another larger cardboard box to help avoid spreading due to wind or other factors.
  • Cardboard must be free of all other materials, even other acceptable recycling products. For example, no glass or plastic items in the cardboard.
  • Cardboard must be immediately next to a recycling cart or bin and separated from all trash material by greater than 5 feet. We suggest putting the two different materials on opposite sides of the driveway.
If any of these guidelines are not followed, Priority will assume the material is trash, and collect it as such.
If you frequently find yourself with more recycling than your current cart/bin can accommodate, Priority suggests considering an extra recycling cart/bin. Keeping your recyclables covered shields them from weather and potential contaminants, promoting a cleaner environment for everyone. By preventing materials from being scattered by wind and other elements, you're also contributing to a tidier community. You can purchase additional Bloomfield Township branded recycling carts Online by selecting Bloomfield Township from the drop-down menu.
If you have any additional questions, please contact Priority Waste at 855-927-8365 or Email.


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