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Dog Licenses

Pic-Services-DogLicense.jpgState of Michigan law requires each dog to be vaccinated for rabies and to be licensed by the age of six months. You must present proof of current rabies vaccination to purchase the license.

Dog licenses may be purchased, with cash or check only, by mail or in person at Township Hall. To purchase the license by mail, please complete the Application for Dog License and send it, along with proof of rabies vaccination and the appropriate fee, to the Treasurer's Office. A tag, receipt and copy of the license will be returned by First Class mail. At Township Hall, the receptionist will complete the tag registration. Payment is made at the Treasurer’s Office.

The one-year dog license is valid for one calendar year; January 1st through December 31st. The three-year dog license is valid for three calendar years; if purchasing the three-year license, the certificate of rabies vaccination presented must be valid for the three-year license period.
Dog License Application


Date Not Neutered/Spayed Neutered/Spayed
January - March $12.00 $ 6.00
April - December $17.00 $11.00
3 Year $36.00 $18.00

Replacement Fee - $0.50


1. Are the procedures the same for a Leader Dog?

No, Leader Dogs are exempt. However, you are strongly encouraged to license your leader dog at no charge, so that the dog may be quickly identified and safely returned in the event he or she is accidentally separated from you.

2. How many dogs may I keep?

No more than two dogs, six months or older, are allowed to be kept on any property in Bloomfield Township.

Call the Township's receptionist at 248-433-7700 with further questions.