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Solid Waste Collection



Things to be Aware of in Extreme Cold Weather

Trash pick-up will remain on schedule but please help us help Green For Life workers!

1.  If neighbors can put trash together to make less stops for the workers this will help

2.  Only put your recycling bin out if it is full

3. Any trash that can wait until next week's pick-up, please let it wait.

4. White bags are difficult to see in the snow, if you have black (or other colors) please use those

5.If bags are frozen to the ground, they will not be picked-up

Safety is the first concern and we appreciate your patience and understanding as GFL workers to their best under dangerous weather conditions.

GFL is providing their workers with hand/foot warmers; warm beverages; and as many warming breaks as they may need.  This may delay pick-up but workers have until 6:00p.m. to complete routes.  

Extreme cold can affect the vehicles; if GFL experiences any trucks breaking down, it will delay or postpone your trash pick-up.


Items for weekly collection such as trash, compost, recycling, and large items may be placed at curbside anytime after noon the day before your regular collection. All containers must be removed from curbside or doorside within 12 hours following collection. All items must be out by 7:00 AM on the scheduled collection day.

Doorside and inside collection services are available for additional charges. A senior citizen discount is also available. Call GFL Environmental at  844-464-3587 for more information.

Large Item Collection

Large items (furniture and appliances) are collected on a weekly basis. They must be out at the curb by 7:00 AM on your collection day. This service is part of the trash program.

For collection of Freon containing appliances (refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner), please notify GFL Environmental the day before pick-up. Refrigerator and freezer doors must be removed. A separate truck collects these appliances for removal of the Freon. This service is part of the trash program.

Medical Sharps Collection

If your doctor prescribes home treatments requiring the use of syringes with disposable needles or lancets (commonly referred to as medical sharps), you can dispose of them through a specialized service offered by GFL Environmental. Used and discarded needles should be placed in a specified sharps container which are available at most pharmacies or any puncture proof container, such as an empty detergent bottle or coffee can . GFL Environmental also offers sharps containers that can be delivered to your home. The cost for each container is $15.00 which includes collection and disposal. You will need to call GFL Environmental to request a new container each time. The service can be billed on your invoice for trash and recycling services.

When ready to discard, please call GFL Environmental at 844-464-3587 prior to your pickup day. Container should be clearly visible and marked MEDICAL SHARPS. Do not put container in trash or recycle bin. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE LOOSE NEEDLES IN YOUR TRASH!