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Winter Tips

The following are some helpful winter tips to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable winter.

  1. Place trash cans, bags and recycle bins off the road (either in the driveway or on the lawn). Plows are required to push snow back to the mailboxes, curbs and road edges to keep the road wide and passable.
  2. Please remove all parked cars from streets during snow removal operations. Snowplow drivers must plow very closely to parked vehicles to keep roads clear and safe for two-way traffic.
  3. To reduce the amount of snow being pushed back into your driveway, pile snow from your driveway on the "downstream" side of the drive. If you stand in your driveway facing the street, the "downstream" side is to your right.
  4. Shovel the snow pushed into your driveway before it has a chance to freeze and become a hardened mass of snow.
  5. Direct your snow removal contractor to pile snow far enough off the road to prevent the road from narrowing and creating a safety hazard. If your contractor pushes snow into the street or to the left of your driveway the Township's snowplow will just end up plowing it back into your driveway. Direct your contractor to pile snow in an appropriate location.
  6. Snowplow drivers try their best not to knock over trashcans but sometimes it's unavoidable. Please place trashcans behind the curb in a secure location and never put trashcans in the street.
  7. When following a salt truck be aware the driver may stop and back up at any time. Remember, if you can see the face of a truck driver in their mirror, they can see you. Most accidents occur when the salt truck turns from an intersection, suddenly STOPS and backs up to return to complete plowing the other side of the street. Please give the salt truck room to work. When in doubt, stay back 100 feet from the vehicle and avoid mishaps.