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Animal Welfare

Pet Lost and Found
View information about pets that have been lost within the Township.

Pet Adoption
Come into the Shelter and meet our available animals.

Coyotes: Living in the Shadow of Bloomfield Township
Click here to read an important article regarding coyotes

Two uniformed Animal Welfare Officers comprise Bloomfield Township's Animal Welfare Unit.  These officers, operating from the Township's state-certified animal shelter, respond to calls for service involving domestic and farm animals and all wildlife.

Location and Hours

The Animal Welfare Shelter is located in the Bloomfield Township Hall near the Police Department, and is open every day from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  After hour animal emergencies are handled by patrol officers when available.



Animal Complaints & Pick-up

Animal complaints about pets or wildlife may be made directly to the Animal Shelter at 248-433-7757 during regular business hours or by telephoning Central Dispatch at 248-433-7755 evenings, weekends and holidays. Like the Humane Society, Animal Welfare Officers house and care for stray animals but only those picked up in Bloomfield Township.

Removal of Dead Animals

Bloomfield Township’s Animal Welfare officers pick up dead animals from our roads. We contract with Oakland County to dispose of large carcasses. We deliver small animals to Gasow Veterinary Clinic. The Township covers the fees charged by Gasow. We expect pet owners to take care of their own pets. If a dead animal (other than a pet) is on private property, the homeowner may call Animal Welfare to pick it up.

Pet Licenses

Only dogs need to be licensed in Bloomfield Township. Dog licenses that are valid for one calendar year, January to January, may be purchased at the following rates: before April 1st, a license for a spayed or neutered dog is $6.00; after April 1st, the cost is $11.00. For dogs that are NOT spayed or neutered, a license purchased prior to April 1st is $12.00; after April 1st, the cost is $17.00. The Township now offers licenses that are valid for three years at a cost of $18.00 for a spayed or neutered dog, or $36.00 for a dog that is not spayed or neutered. To purchase a license, a current certificate of rabies vaccination must be presented.  If purchasing a 3 year license, the rabies certificate presented must be active for the 3 year license period. Licenses can be purchased during regular business hours from the Township receptionist at the main entrance to the Township Hall. You may also purchase the license by mail by sending the Application for Dog License, along with proof of rabies vaccination and the appropriate fee, to the Township Treasurer's Office. A tag and copy of the license will be sent by return mail.

Dog License Application

Leash/Sanitation Laws

Bloomfield Township’s “Dog Ordinance” (Ordinance 423) requires that dogs be on a leash and under control at all times when outside their home (Section 2). Copies of the ordinance and the sanitation ordinance, often called the "scooper law", (Ordinance 423 Section 3) are available by telephoning the Township's Clerk's Office at 248-433-7702 or you can visit the Ordinance section of the website by clicking here.

Invisible Fence

Homeowners wishing to install an 'Invisible Fence' must first obtain a permit. For further information, contact the Clerk's Office at 248-433-7702.

Wildlife Complaints and Traps

Skunks, raccoons, geese, and other wildlife can create problems for the property owner. Animal Welfare Officers will work with homeowners to address a wildlife problem and help alleviate it if possible. Although we do not trap outdoor wildlife, "Have-a-Heart" traps are available at the Animal Shelter, for a refundable deposit, for wild animals that find their way indoors. For further information, contact the Animal Welfare Shelter at 248-433-7757 during normal hours.

Pet Adoptions & Policies

Occasionally puppies, kittens, birds and rabbits are available for adoption. If you are interested in adoption, please telephone the Animal Shelter at 248-433-7757. In cooperation with the prospective pet owner and local veterinarians, the Animal Welfare Officers assure pet sterilization as a condition of adoption to control the pet population in Bloomfield Township. The Animal Welfare Officers are required by state law to take a $25.00 refundable deposit to insure that the animal will be neutered or spayed.

If you are looking to adopt a particular breed of dog that is not currently in our shelter, let an Animal Welfare Officer know. We often come across dogs we do not bring into the shelter but who need loving homes. If we find the kind of dog you are looking for we will contact you.

The Animal Shelter is always happy to accept donations of your unwanted pet items such as carriers, leashes, collars, beds, or any other items.

Please stop in at the Animal Shelter to meet some of the animals currently available, pictured below. All are neutered and current on shots, and would make great companions.


Very sweet and friendly neutered female cat, approximately 4 years old.


Neutered male cat approximately six years old. Very sweet and friendly.