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Assessor: Darrin Kraatz
4200 Telegraph Rd P.O. Box 489
Bloomfield Township, MI 48303-0489
Phone: 248-433-7710
Hours: Monday through Thursday
7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Department Email
Charter Township of Bloomfield Board of Review

The Charter Township of Bloomfield Board of Review will convene on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 4:30 PM at the Bloomfield Township Town Hall, 4200 Telegraph Road. The Board will be meeting to correct qualified errors and to consider appeals related to Principal Residence Exemptions, Qualified Agricultural Exemptions, Taxable Value uncapping, the Qualified Start-up Business Exemption, the Disabled Veteran’s Exemption and Poverty Exemptions. No valuation appeals will be heard as those are reviewed during the March Board of Review meetings.


Oakland County Register of Deeds is pleased to announce the launch of its Free Property Records Notification system that you can sign up here.

This site allows users to subscribe to email alerts when new documents of interest are recorded at the Register of Deeds. You may sign up for alerts using your name, address, property identification number, or any information included on recorded documents.

You can visit the Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds website for more information: Click here, or call 248-858-0561.

In accordance with the General Property Tax Laws of the State of Michigan, the Bloomfield Township Assessor's Office estimates the true cash value, assessed value and taxable value of every parcel of real and personal property within Bloomfield Township. The Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property in Bloomfield Township that is not specifically exempted by law. It prepares assessment rolls and evaluates all new construction and improvements to real property.

Homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit Filing Deadline
The Assessing Department will be accepting the Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit until June 1st, by the end of the business day, for the summer tax levy, and until November 1st, by the end of the business day, for the winter tax levy.

When conducting inspections, employees from the Assessor’s Office knock on your door or ring your doorbell to introduce themselves. Each individual has picture identification issued by Bloomfield Township. If you are not at home they will walk around the outside of your house to complete their inspection.

The taxable status of property is determined as of December 31 of each year for the next tax year.

The Michigan State Tax Commission requires periodic inspection of all real property parcels. Inspections are necessary to maintain complete and accurate assessment records and the assessor may survey, examine or review properties at any time during the year. With over 18,000 real property parcels, Bloomfield Township must inspect thousands of parcels each year.

The Assessor’s Office reviews the assessment records of both new construction and existing property throughout the year. Schedules vary significantly from one project to another; therefore, the Office may make a number of inspections of a property throughout the year.