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Safety path millage 2022


On November 8, 2022 Bloomfield Township voters will vote to renew the voter authorized safety path tax levy for another five years commencing in December 2024.  On this page you will find ballot language, a video highlighting locations along the paths, and an overview of the safety path plan.

Ballot Language

Shall the Charter Township of Bloomfield renew and continue to levy the voter authorized safety path tax levy of .4511 mills, (reduced by required millage rollbacks), due to expire in 2024, authorizing a levy of $.4511 per $1,000 of taxable value to support, fund and finance the Charter Township of Bloomfield's continuing safety path program, including for the construction and maintenance of safety paths and the acquisition of rights-of-way for said safety paths, for a period of 5 years, with the renewed millage to be levied commencing in December 2024. This renewed safety path millage will be subject to applicable statutory and constitutional tax limitation provisions at the time of the levy and will not exceed the above stated rate. It is estimated that this proposal would result in the authorization to collect $2,287,000 in the first year if approved and fully levied.

Shall this proposal be adopted?

Safety Path Program

More information on the Safety Path Program can be found here.

Safety Path Points of Interest

Safety Paths Prove to Be a Great Asset to Residents

*This article appeared in the Fall 2022 Newsletter.  Find more Township News.

Since 1999 Township residents have had the pleasure of a network of safety paths connecting their neighborhoods with schools, shopping areas and other locations in the Township. The Jan Roncelli Safety Path program, partly the result of the tireless efforts of former Township Clerk Roncelli, has proven to be tremendously popular. Currently there are over 70 miles of safety paths throughout the Township. On any given day in the spring, summer or fall children and adults can be seen walking or riding bikes along the paths and enjoying the natural features of the Township.

“Many times I see residents using a newly constructed safety path even before the grass is growing back or the area is fully restored,” said Olivia Olsztyn-Budry, director of the Engineering & Environmental Department. To Olsztyn-Budry, this proves the value residents place on completing the network according to the master plan.

The original safety path master plan was developed in 1999, and updated in 2008 and 2018. Since then, no additional routes have been added by the Board of Trustees. A total of 10.8 miles of safety path from the master plan remain to be constructed. The estimated cost (in 2022 dollars) is $15,832,000. Residents have recognized the value of the program and voted to approve the safety path millage in past elections, dating back to 1998, when it was first proposed, and voting in favor of renewals in the years since. Residents will be asked to consider a renewal of the safety path millage on the ballot in November. In addition to the cost of constructing the paths, the Township must also use the funds collected as the result of the millage to perform necessary maintenance on them. Maintenance tasks can include concrete slab replacement and retaining wall repairs. Township staff checks the paths for needed repairs, but can’t consistently walk the more than 70 miles of paths, so the Engineering & Environmental Department relies on residents to report issues.

“Residents who use the paths are the best watchdogs when it comes to maintenance. They report issues with overgrown vegetation or needed concrete repairs,” said Olsztyn-Budry. “Residents know they can call or email us any time, and we’ll be able to address any issues that come up.”

To report maintenance issues, call the Engineering & Environmental Department at 248-594-2800 Monday through Thursday, 7 AM – 5:30 PM, or email any time to

Map of the Township’s safety path network with a guide to some of the attractions along the routes.