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Public safety millage Replacement 2022


On August 2, 2022 Bloomfield Township voters will vote to replace two public safety millages with one new combined millage rate beginning in December 2023.  On this page you will find the Ballot Language, a Public Safety Overview, a calculator that will estimate the tax on your home if the new combined millage replacement is passed, and a list of frequently asked questions.

Ballot Language

Shall the Charter Township of Bloomfield replace two (2) voter authorized public safety tax levies of 2.2307 mills, and 1.0572 mills (a combined total of 3.2879 mills reduced by required millage rollbacks), due to expire in 2022 and 2023 respectively, with one new combined replacement rate of 3.89 mills, authorizing a levy of $3.89 per $1,000 of taxable value to finance the Charter Township of Bloomfield’s continued providing of fire, police and public safety protection, for a period of 10 years, with the new combined replacement millage to be levied commencing in December 2023 and if the new combined replacement millage is approved, the Charter Township of Bloomfield would not levy the December 2023 levy of the 2014 voter authorized public safety 1.0572 mills as rolled back. This new combined replacement millage will be subject to applicable statutory and constitutional tax limitation provisions at the time of the levy and will not exceed the above stated rate. It is estimated that this proposal would result in the authorization to collect $18,175,000 in the first year if approved and fully levied.

Public Safety Overview

Public Safety Overview March 2022 from Bloomfield Township on Vimeo

 PowerPoint presentation slides.


Enter your address (street number and name) in the required fields to find out the effect to your home with this 2023 estimate if the new combined replacement millage is passed.

Street Number :
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Taxable Value :
2023 Estimated Impact :

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this millage replacement and the August 2019 SAD?

This is a dedicated millage to be used only for public safety and not a Special Assessment District.  As a millage this will keep Bloomfield Township under the 10 mil cap and the change to voters is only based on the taxable value of your home.

What is the advantage of combining public safety millages 3 and 4?

Bloomfield Township currently has four public safety millages.  By combining millages 3 and 4, it reduces the number of special elections in the future estimated to save more than $100,000.00 per special election.

How will this impact me?

Enter your street name and street number into the calculator above to find your current taxable value and the estimated impact in 2023 when the millage is levied.