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Zoning Ordinances
Clearzoning Ordinance Streamlines Potential Business Development

Shop in Bloomfield
Please think about our Bloomfield businesses as you travel through town. While it may be inconvenient to sit in backed-up traffic to patronize a business located on Telegraph, we all want and need a healthy business community. Shop in Bloomfield whenever you can!
Shopping Centers

While Bloomfield Township is 95% residential, it also has a healthy, thriving business community.  Several large, nationally prominent corporations have recently opened new facilities in the Township or have improved and expanded their existing ones. Smaller, independently owned and operated businesses have recognized that Bloomfield Township is a good place to do business and have invested in improved facilities and surroundings.

If you are in the film industry and are scouting shooting locations, you’ll want to consider Bloomfield Township. We have experience in facilitating shoots and can quickly respond to your requests. We have simplified our permitting process for your convenience.

Use the links in this section for specific information for doing business or shooting films in Bloomfield Township.